The common name for this herb is frankincense.  A much more contemporary finding related to Boswellia serrate is to do with the effect it can have on the immune system. Lymphocytes and T-cells, found within the body, are vital components of the immune system which can determine just how severe illness is, and just how long it takes a person to recover from it. 

Boswellia serrata has been shown to boost the number and the performance of these components, meaning that regular consumption is a great idea when it comes to maintaining a healthy immune system. Infectious pathogens and foreign substances that make their way into the body can be fought off more rapidly and effectively with a high performing immune system, making Boswellia serrata something that everyone could benefit from supplementing with. 

Again, this is a relatively new discovery regarding the potential health benefits of Boswellia serrata and so further studies are required, but all the early signs point to it being a fantastic tool in the maintenance and boosting of highly performing immune systems.

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Boswellia Extract Immune Booster


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