This product is best known for it's ability to support healthy central nervous system function, including emotional wellness and mood, and may also support ovarian health.  However, with the rapid emergance of COVID-19 and minimal time to develop a vaccine or cure for the crises, the best defense we can create for ourselves is to boost our immunity.  There are several ways to boost our immune system.   I recently discovered these two articles on pubmed discussing the effects of inositol on immune function.  Specifically, reports of novel roles for these inositol molecules in distinct processes within the immune system ranging from T cell development, B cell development and tolerance induction, as well as neutrophil and mast cell function.   These are all white blood cells classified as the immune system.  We want to keep these cells functioning at peak performance during this critical time.  Buy today for optimal health and max protection!! You can pay ahead of time and I can leave the product outside my door for no contact purchase.

Inositol Regulating Immune Cell Function


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