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   I customize a massage treatment for you each time you come in, as it is my responsibility to listen, adapt and adjust to what you need. As we greet, please update me on any changes in your physical and emotional needs so I can provide the most effective treatment for you. This could include stress from life or work, pain from an injury, or the need for a peaceful respite from your day.

     As I give you a brief time to prepare, I will be analyzing your purpose for the treatment and how best I can provide that for you in the time we have. As your massage begins, so also does my discovery of tension, tightness, tenderness and various conditions that can be discerned by what I initially feel. Pressure is important for the various types of massage and we will decide together what is best for you as you rejuvenate in a setting of comfort and serenity, without distractions or interruptions.


     I have trained in many modalities (see my treatments page), scientific theory as well as natural healing arts, and will adapt and use various techniques and skills to provide the perfect experience for you. Much of the time I have my eyes closed to concentrate on what I am feeling in your fascia and muscles. A true practitioner, I use my sense of touch to explore and guide the delivery of the next pressure point, motion, method or stretch to release your stress and tension.  We will work the knots, stretch the tightness and release toxins. 

     One of the greatest compliments I can hear is that you have been lost in time. If I can deliver that sanctuary of peace when time seems both timeless and fleeting at once and you are relaxed, relieved and rejuvenated, we have both accomplished what we are here for at that moment. I receive great joy from your satisfaction and since every massage is different, my love of exploring, healing and giving is also well satisfied. It is my strategic excellent service that makes you come back again and again.

Massage & Wellness offers the Best Massage in Kalispell  &  Expert Services in the Health Field

723 5th Ave East  124   Kalispell, MT  


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