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As an avid runner I like using massage therapy as a way to relax and recover faster.  Heather's sports massages are fabulous. I tried a few other therapists but Heather's treatments were by far the most effective.  She listened to what I needed and she was able to give to me just the right amount of pressure where I needed.  I felt so much better after every treatment.

     But that was just the beginning. Heather introduced me to a wonderful new world of whole health and healing.  She quickly became not only my go to massage therapist but also my personal trainer and sports nutritionist.  For four years working with Heather I saw results that I never could have achieved on my own.  With Heather's guidance I became more fit than I ever thought I could be.

     Nutrition, mental focus, flexibility, breathing, self-confidence, meditation, stress reduction, goal setting, self-discipline.  One by one Heather helped me remove my personal barriers to whole health and healing.  Heather is a true professional.  Her techniques and skills provided the perfect experience for me.  I moved out of Montana recently and sadly had to stop going to Heather at Massage & Wellness.  But I am so glad I found Heather for those four years.  It was life changing!  I highly recommend her!


Jeff D.    





My name is Thomas Reifers. I am a health care provider in the Flathead Valley.  I have worked in the field most of my adult life.  I am writing this acknowledgement of Heather Reddig’s LMT work, as I have greatly benefited from her deeply healing and transformative massage and body work. 

     Just a little history so you may better understand why I am so spiritedly enthusiastic about Heather Reddig and her work.  I grew up on a country farm and have always had my feet planted firmly in the ground and at the same time I have always been a dreamer, a healer and keep my evolving conciseness open to the heavens. I have over the years of my life worked with many healers from many walks of life and have been involved with my own healing journey and have been exposed to numerous body-oriented healing approaches.  A few years ago, I experienced many personal losses and increased stressors that were beginning to undermine my physical, mental, and emotional, and spiritual well-being.  As good fortune would have it, I was in an office building that had offices that offered different healing modalities and there I met and talked with Heather Reddig, LMT. 

     I experienced a strong feeling of deep compassion from Heather regarding experiences in my life that had caused me to seek out her services. I found her to be very positive and supportive.  However, being an open yet cautious individual, I set up a couple of sessions with Heather to experience her massage and body work approach, and to get a better sense of her energy and professional working personality.  I have always found that the healing process, no matter the healing modality, is always an interactive one; an interaction that involves much more than just the technique or approach that one has been trained to do skillfully. As those few sessions passed, I quickly learned that Heather Reddig was one of those exceptional body workers-healers, that one discovers only under fortunate circumstances.  I began experiencing major transformations starting with deep tissue release of stress, cellular reinvigoration, and deepening changes in the expression of my sense of self.  In my body, these deep changes took place as old cellular memories from my past.  I thought I had released this trauma in my past, however a deeper, hidden cellular layers emerged. 

     All of these deeply healing and transformative experiences have shown me what I have always believed and what all the quantum theorists have always known; “that we are beings of unlimited potential and that there is more space between our cells then we think”- that this space between can be activated and can aid in the revitalization of a person’s mind, body and spirited self.  In my experience this is the work that Heather Reddig LMT does with so much diversity of training, energy, enthusiasm, and caring!

     I would definitely recommend Heather to anyone that needs or wants a massage. She treated me very professionally and gave me the massage that I needed.  I will for sure be coming back to her

     -Tony G.

     I just finished Ironman, and was extremely sore.  Heather really listened to my needs, and was sensitive to a couple of injury spots (toe, lower back, etc ).  She pushed harder when it was needed, and backed off when it was too much.  She made me feel comfortable, and if I were in town again, I definitely would see her again!

     -Charles R.

     I had a massage with Heather and she was phenomenal! She is really firm, which I highly recommend for any athlete looking for pain relief! She is very well versed on anatomy and found relief for some neck and shoulder issues I was having. She's also very fun to talk with. Definitely will be returning!

     -Bill H.

     For the past two month, my friend Alina and I have been working with Heather Reddig, to improve our figures, eat better, become in better shape, decrease our body fat percentages, and increase our overall muscle mass. By working out a consistent 4-5 days a week, and meeting with Heather every Wednesday to catch up and pick up on new weekly challenges, I experienced dramatic changes. Even though I, myself, have always been involved in athletics throughout high school, there were a few things about my body, and my daily workout routine I was never able to accomplish. Through Heather's coaching, which focused on particular muscles and areas on the body, I was able to meet these goals. Two of my main goals were to gain more upper body strength, and to slim my legs without losing the strength I had always had. By taking before and after pictures, as well as maxing on bench and squat weekly, I was able to keep track of these two particular muscle groups, and see both areas change over time! By balancing cardio, weight training, a healthy diet, and stretching for these two months I was also able to lose 7 pounds. Don't forget this came complementary to lowering by body fat percentage, and increasing my muscle mass percentage. Overall, ever since the wellness challenge Heather walked me and my friend through, I have been able to turn my overall life wellness around. I now feel more confident than ever in my own body! Learning to live healthy and getting on a solid fitness routine isn't always easy, but once you do so it's hard to go back! In my experience, I can say there is no one else better in this valley to walk with you through it then Heather Reddig.

     -Felicia R.

     A stunning massage therapist delivers a top notch excellent massage.  Heather will provide you with an A-plus massage that leaves you relaxed and invigorated.  Every dollar spent on the massage is completely worth it!!

     -Stacy L.

     What a birthday surprise.  Heather made sure that I was receiving the massage that was best for me.  She took her time and did a great job.

     -Lesia K.

     "Ever Attentive". I suffer from a chronic joint pain disease and went in on Thursday for a treatment. I was having a flare-up in my left shoulder that was pretty serious, and Heather Reddig did a fantastic job of working the pain out of the surrounding area, which provided great relief in the joint. I have always found her work stellar and highly recommend her attentive care.

     -Ron G.

     Amazing.  Heather provided a very relaxing and professional environment! I was very impressed with the massage I received! I left feeling completely relaxed and tension free! She went beyond what I expected!!!

     -J. Kelley

     Heather is a very intuitive, professional and skilled massage therapist. She is great at finding problem locations and knowing the proper treatment for specific muscle groups and connective tissues. I have a shoulder injury and received no relief from 2 doctors and 1 physical therapist, but I have felt great since I have been receiving therapy from her. She is affordable, has multiple locations and available times, as well as some unique options (Massage on a boat in Flathead Lake!). I would highly recommend her to anyone.

     -Rob B.

     I have seen Heather for prenatal massages with both of my pregnancies & she is amazing!! She's also one of the only therapists in town that I know of that has the maternity massage pillow. This is a game changer for prenatal massage!! I would recommend her to any mom-to-be or even anyone wanting a massage. Fabulous!

     -Jeri F.

     Heather is very unique in her approach to massage therapy. I suffer from a lot of nerve damage and she not only gave a great, soothing massage (which put me to sleep), but also offered a list of steps I could take in both diet and exercise to help ease my symptoms. Pulling from a vast education in health and fitness, she tailored a plan that has helped me in both pain management and weight loss (65 lbs in the last 18 months). Over the last year, I had been attending a clinic elsewhere that specializes in pain management, but have mostly been met with a lackluster level of care along with a reduced sense of dignity. On the other hand, I have been able to take charge of my circumstances thanks to the help Ms. Reddig has offered. I feel a thousand percent better with my pain level and feel like I'm respected as an individual, not just as another patient. I wholeheartedly recommend Heather to anyone that asks!

     -Jeff D.

     I have to say Heather is a fantastic massage therapist. I had a “Raindrop Essential Oils” treatment from her that was “to die for”. She applied several oils to my feet to balance my energy. Then she proceeded to my back and put a series of oils on my back. They are to relax muscle spasms, kill bacteria, yeast, and fungus and to help balance the spine. During the massage my legs started pulsing with this awesome energy. I just came alive. I know it gave me a huge emotional boost. It was the best raindrop I have ever had. The next massage I had a total body treatment. It was exceptional and so relaxing that I fell asleep. It was just what I needed and felt so complete. She listens to what I say. She will apply more or less pressure and concentrate on different areas, as I prefer. I definitely am not getting routine massages. Each massage she gives is tailored to me and what I need at that time. She is my Flathead Valley massage therapist and “The Best”!

     -Hana B.

Heather is an outstanding therapist, her name of massage and wellness is well placed, she definitely helps folks get better. I have known her for several years. She is highly skilled, educated and dedicated. Her treatment is highly focused for the patient and their particular issues or problems for that visit, she is not a "cookie cutter" therapist. She is outstanding at treating injuries, as well as the more mundane muscle and other problems associated with stress, work, or just not getting enough stretching and appropriate exercise. I highly recommend her.

-Michael B. 

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